Katherine N.

Dr. DeRose saw me immediately when I called recently about the intense pain in my lower left back. His professional, calming demeanor put me at ease, and after a month of weekly chiropractic sessions and specific exercises, I am fully functioning again - pain free. So relieved and so grateful!

Baljinder T.

I have seen Dr DeRose on and off for 4 plus years. He is a highly competent and a friendly Doctor. He takes time to explain the issue, recommend exercises which he makes you practice. Most Doctors nowadays days do the adjustment then you are out the door. I have also brought my children to get adjusted because they get banged up from sports. I highly recommend him to my family and friends.

Stephanie P.

I did a lot of research on good chiropractors in the Northern VA area before choosing Commonhealth Chiropractic. I chose Dr. DeRose for his excellent reviews and ratings, and informative website - and I am SO glad I did! My chronic issues and pain improved significantly within the few months of treatment and regular maintenance keeps it that way. I highly recommend Dr. DeRose and this practice for professionalism, quality of care and caring for patients.

Monica M.

I have been a patient of Dr. DeRose’s for over 15 years. I have received nothing short of stellar care and highly recommend him for any chiropractic needs. He takes the time to give recommendations for at-home care in between visits including exercises.

Heidi I.

I've been seeing Dr. DeRose for as long as I can remember. At first, I went 2-3 times a week to get relief from painful pressure on a nerve in my neck that radiated down the entire left side of my body. Now I go once a month as preventative maintenance and live life pain free! I truly can't imagine life without my chiropractor!

Megan S.

I have been using chiropractors for almost 15 years and Dr Derose is the best chiropractor I have found. He has worked with me for over a year to improve pain from my herniated disc in my lower back and has dramatically helped to improve and manage the pain.

He is knowledgeable about his trade and thorough in every appointment, answering any questions you may have. He also uses instrument adjustment, which I feel is the most effective and safest approach because you are not twisting/cracking. Lastly, he is professional, flexible, and respectful of your time, and his office is clean!

Brownwen O.

Kudos to Dr. Michael De Rose on his excellent chiropractic care! It has been several months since my last visit & I have been 100% pain-free for several months after just a short course of treatment. I suffered debilitating SI Joint dysfunction for over a year until my Orthopedist recommended him & I have never regretted my decision! Dr. de Rose did not disappoint! Go ahead & make an appointment- you’ll be glad you did!

Dan C.

I have been to at least 10 different Chiropractors over the years. I have always gotten relief, but none have been as successful as Dr. DeRose. He has made be a believer in his "tools of the trade", specifically instrument adjustment. It is WAY beyond the hand "clickers" you may have had used on you elsewhere. If you always thought Chiropractic might help, but where afraid of what friends told you about being "cracked" and"twisted", or your went once or twice and were "twisted" and "cracked" and it freaked you out, THIS IS THE PLACE for you. This is a 100% no twisting and cracking practice. Before I went here that is what I thought Chiropractic care was all about. Now that I know better, I am never going back!

Gonzalo A.

Since the early 80's I've been trying to find a chiropractor that specializes in using the activator. Unfortunately the doctor I was seeing passed away. Since, I have been to so many good chiropractors but none of them really specialized in only using the activator. My body reacts incredibly well to using the activator instead of the adjusting via the manual manipulation.

I'm 65 and still playing soccer. I get banged up and have had many concussions. I desperately needed help....felt like Humpty Dumpty after his great fall. I searched and searched, and I tried and tried many chiropractors. I could not believe it when I finally found Dr. DeRose and Commonhealth Chiropractic .... he specialized in using the latest technology in activators which is what I had been searching for.

Dr. DeRose listens and is a pro. He explains and is fantastic at getting you back on your feet and feeling great. I met him when I could hardly stand straight, my sciatica was hurting so bad, my neck crinkled like crunching gravel....I was Humpty Dumpty and he has put me back together again. I highly recommend him....fantastic! Best of all, soccer season starts in two weeks and I'm ready to play!!!

Andi S.

Outstanding doctor, Nice and friendly! Always enjoyed my visit with him.

Dwight M.

I wish I had known Dr. DeRose BEFORE my ruptured disc surgery. Perhaps I could've been spared that ordeal. But since then, regular visits to Commonhealth Chiropractic have made life after surgery a whole lot better!

Noa N.

I've had a great experience with Dr. DeRose! Came in a few weeks ago with pain in my hip and sacrum, and he had me feeling nearly 100% better within a month's time! Highly recommend.

Michele B.

As a new patient from the West Coast, I was not sure what to expect from healthcare providers in the DMV. However, my chronic neck problems and recent low back pain that has prevented me from running finally forced me to try my first East Coast chiropractor, Dr. Michael DeRose. I am thrilled about the excellent care I receive from Dr. DeRose. He has an exceptionable bedside manner (always quick to smile and laugh). He listens to all my complaints and never dismisses any of my symptoms. When he determines what the treatment plan will be, he provides a thorough explanation and willingly answers any questions I have. Dr. Michael DeRose is professional and efficient with insurance claims. He keeps health insurance hassle-free. I would highly recommend Dr. Michael DeRose to anyone for chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Michael DeRose for your dedication to keep me pain free!

Ben C.

I moved here from California last year and was looking for a Chiropractor that could treat my injury. I googled and came upon this office, where I met Dr. Michael DeRose. He's done a GREAT job helping improve my condition and would be happy to refer him to others. Thanks Doc!

Katie H.

Dr. DeRose is excellent! I had been suffering from lower back pain for years, and am now almost entirely pain free after two months of treatments. Dr. DeRose is also flexible with scheduling, and incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I will continue to get treatments and highly encourage others to come in for a consultation.

Gwen G.

From help with a few injuries to more regular help easing the pain of arthritis, visits to Dr. DeRose have been almost miraculous for me. I can't recommend him or Commonhealth Chiropractic more highly.

Mike B.

I've been going to Dr. DeRose for a few years now and would never go anywhere else. I went to a few chiropractors before I found this place and I've never looked back. I've recommended him to all of my friends and always look forward to my next visit. Not only is he a great chiropractor, he's also incredibly friendly and personal. It's like catching up with a good friend every visit. Such a great guy and an amazing chiropractor. A MUST try! You wont regret it.

Steve M.

Dr. DeRose has relieved the discomfort in my back I have had since 1989.
Over a three week period he diagnosed my problem and now I am pain free.   I will continue to be his patient in order to continue to be pain free.  I can do so many things now I have not been able to do in years.  I recommend him and his practice very highly.

Monica J 

I've been a patient at Commonhealth Chiropractic in McLean since 1999. Drs. De Rose and Levy have healed me many, many times, not only from chronic sciatica that got in the way of living a normal life, but since then -- from all the times I've thrown my back out from over-doing it. I've recommended Commonhealth to many friends and family that have been helped, too. The doctors are thorough, effective and caring. They will make time to see you if you're in pain, and as a patient, I KNOW I will feel better after I see them -- that's always been the case! And Dr. De Rose went the extra mile for me when my insurance company kept making mistakes with my reimbursements. If your back hurts, give them a try -- you won't be disappointed!

Linda C 

After suffering from IT band issues for several years I finally took the advice of a good friend and called the McLean office to schedule my first appointment with Dr. DeRose. My first appointment was very detailed as I was able to go back and explain what MAY HAVE started my pain. I was then put on a schedule of twice weekly and within a month I was seeing fabulous results. He was able to determine what treatments worked for me. He is extremely efficient and always on time and truly concerned for his patients' well being.

Tracy H

I've been seeing Dr. DeRose for years for lower back and shoulder and the visits relieve my pain.  Commonwealth Chiropractic is professional, courteous, and caring.  I've been seeing a chiropractor for over 20 years, and Dr. DeRose is the best!

Jacque M.

Dr. DeRose is very effective, efficient, personable and has helped my daughter and I significantly over the past several months. I highly recommend him. I first came to him with a very sharp pain in my back. My primary doctor had prescribed heavy pain medicines which I hate to take. I remembered speaking to Dr. DeRose earlier - his office is so convenient. He took me in without delay - I felt immediate relief. My daughter was hospitalized for migraines and now is completely off her medicine after a couple of months. His office is a "safe place" for both of us. I greatly appreciate having Dr. DeRose as part of my care network.

Stephen E.

I've had back problems off and on during my entire adult life. 20 years ago, Navy doctors finally said they had no alternative but to perform surgery to fix my back. At that point, I began seeing Chiropractors. I've been functional ever since with no operations. After settling in Northern Virginia, I tried a number of different Chiropractors in Arlington and Alexandria. I finally settled on Dr DeRose in Mclean. I would strongly recommend him to anybody. The bottom line is that whenever i have a problem, he fixes it up with a few visits and I am back to normal. The office visits are quick and simple. His explanations and instructions are easy to understand but not condescending. Answers questions clearly and makes you feel like a partner in your healing.

Pete F.

After injuring my lower back in my twenties and seeing the lower back issues that my parents lived with, I had just assumed that I was going to have to live with lower back pain. I had gone to several chiropractors before finding Commonhealth, but never found the relief I was looking for. I'd even visited neurosurgeons at Georgetown Hospital who told me I had a progressive spinal condition that would get worse over time. I figured I was going to live with lower back pain my whole life, and I was not going to be able to do the things I loved to do like play soccer, ski and play golf. When I moved to McLean, I decided to give chiropractic one more try and I happened to find Commonhealth Chiropractic. I'm so glad that I did! I was pain free after about 2 months of therapy from Drs. DeRose and Levy. I continue to be able to do the things I want to do and be as active as I want. I can tell you that chiropractic matters, that not all chiropractors provide equivalent care, and that there are no finer in the business than these two doctors.

Margaret B.

I moved to Arlington a few years ago and needed a local chiropractor. I'm a fan of the "activator method" and have been loyal to it since I dislocated my shoulder in my childhood. What struck me to try this practice is the sports experience these guys have. As an athlete myself, I wanted someone who understands the aches and pains from sport. Their back stories are pretty cool (how they came to be chiropractors). They know their stuff and what I respect most is that they don't try and keep you coming in more than you should (I've experienced this in the past at other offices). Both are very personable and remember their patients as well as past conversations/interests, which makes the adjustment experience a lot more enjoyable. I go in for monthly "maintenance" appointments, which I consider essential to keeping pain free and in good form after an initial injury that threw me "out of whack". I've been a patient for a couple of years now and highly recommend!

Erik A.

The care I receive here is absolutely terrific. I have been a patient for ~10 years, and tried another type of chiropractic care 7 years ago at another practice b/c it was closer to my office, but quickly realized I felt much better (for longer!) after receiving treatment at Commonhealth Chiropractic. I now drive out of my way to continue to be treated here!!

Eric C.

I've been going to see Dr. DeRose for a little over two years now. Nothing but good experiences with him and his office staff, and I will continue to go back (pun intended) to see him. I recommend him to anyone suffering from back or neck pain.

Mary J.

I've been going to this office for chiropractic for years. They are great! The location is convenient (I work in Tysons), the office is very nice, the staff is friendly/helpful, and the docs are excellent. Sometimes my care is more regular (maintenance), and other times I just go in when I'm in pain. Other offices I've been to could sometimes be more pushy or aggressive when it came to how often I needed to be seen. These docs are happy to treat you according to what you want to get out of your care. It's also nice to find an office that participates with my insurance, too. My insurance has changed a few times over the years, and they've always been in-network on my provider lists. Bottom line: they've always been able to help me, I've referred many people there who were equally pleased, I'd recommend this office to anyone.

Brian R.

A great experience, and no more pain! I had suffered from upper back and neck pain for years, and decided to try a chiropractor. I read the previous review, but thought the "new" approach seemed an appealing alternative, so gave it a shot. Dr. DeRose is professional and listened to my symptoms. He validated it with a brief diagnosis of his own, explained the entire process, then treated me using the impulse adjusting instrument and traction table. Both feel fantastic as I experienced them, but more importantly, my pain was gone in less than three months.

Dr. DeRose started me on a 3x/wk schedule initially, then reduced it gradually. I received a handwritten thank-you/welcome note from him at the beginning of treatment, which made me feel like a valued patient. His office staff is friendly, professional, and efficient, and was flexible about changing appointment times upon my request. Finally, Dr. DeRose didn't try to make me keep returning past the time when I felt I was recovered and would return on an as-needed basis (which I will).

Neyssan R.

Excellent chiropractor - very talented, cares about patients, takes the time to understand your issues and come up with customized solutions. Uses Impulse and Activator techniques and I was very impressed with Dr DeRose's results.

Hanaa G.

Dr. Levy and Dr. DeRose are very flexible and not only provide excellent care but they also provide exercises to assist with healing. The massage therapist is also excellent.

Kyle K.

Dr. Levy and Dr. DeRose are great at what they do and help me recover from back and neck problems as they arise. GO TO THEM!

Paul A.

Great office! Threw my low back out (bad!). Was able to get in quickly. Dr. DeRose was very thorough and helped me get back on my feet and out of pain quickly. I've been to other chiro's so I know there are different ways of doing an adjustment. I have to say, I love the instrument used in this office. Nothing against the old fashioned "back cracking," but what these docs are doing is much better (and more comfortable). They really seem to be up on the latest technology. The staff was friendly and the office was nice. My job can cause me to sometimes be late or miss appointments or cancel (on short notice). They've always been able to reschedule me, no problem. Also a plus, they are providers for my health insurance. I'll definitely return the next time I have a problem.

Bryan P.

Dr Levy is fantastic!!